Information about Jet Infosystems

Jet Infosystems has been active in the information technology (IT) market since 1991. Initially offering the creation of corporate-level IT infrastructures, Jet Infosystems has developed much broader expertise to become a full-profile systems integrator with a wide portfolio of solutions and services, including specialized packages meeting industry-specific requirements. Jet Infosystems is duly licensed and certified for the entire range of its operations, including licenses from major Russian regulators such as the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control, the Federal Security Service, the National Standards Agency, the Ministry of Defense and more.

Jet Infosystems has been working in the information security market since 1996. The company offers a full range of security measures, from inspection and risk analysis to actual protection for corporate information systems of any size and complexity. Major companies, including multinationals, with a workforce in the tens of thousands often seek contracts with our Center which offers a broad range of solutions and services with extensive experience and certified professionals. It is also famous for excellent project management.