Information about Prosoft-Systems

Prosoft-Systems company has been developing and delivering turnkey solutions in the field of high-tech devices and automation systems for power energy, oil and gas, metallurgical industries and so on since 1995. Over the years, the company has established itself as a reliable developer and a creator of thousands of technical projects. Manufactured products and complex solutions of Prosoft-Systems demonstrate their successful operation at large power energy and industry holding companies of Russian Federation and other foreign countries.

Prosoft-Systems has an international expert status in the field of power, energy and automation systems. Also the company is a member of workgroups and research committees of authoritative international organizations. This fact allows the company not only having a dialog and support from mutually advantageous cooperation with foreign expert organizations but also taking part in development of worldwide standards.

The strategy of Prosoft-Systems company consists in making complex solutions for all the customer’s requirements from designing systems and creating all the necessary documents to installation and commissioning works. The number of completed projects and our production facilities make it possible for us to offer solutions, which stay at the level of the world leaders and have a competitive price.