Positive Hack Days is an opportunity to personally meet leading security experts, high-impact researchers, and the developers of the latest breakthroughs from all over the world. Dozens of presentations, discussions, and hands-on labs (over 100 hours in total), all advertising-free.


The Call for Papers is still open. The Program Committee has already started selecting speakers, but it’s not too late to join in. If you have something to say—whether you’re a big name or simply someone with a message—we can help you to get it out there. Want to speak from the same stage as prominent security experts? Send your proposal!


Leaving a whole city without power, robbing ATMs, snooping on executives’ inboxes, bypassing a WAF, and finishing the day on your own two feet after a shot or ten of tequila. Interested? Come on over to the PHDays contests, which will include some old favorites and others that are entirely new. Stay tuned!

The Standoff

Here’s the recipe for The Standoff: mix some of the best hackers and security pros, add an enormous arena, and leave them to duke it out for two sleepless days of cyberbattle. This year, attackers, defenders, and security operations centers will again clash for control of a digital city’s infrastructure. The heat is on!

Young School

The ticket for young researchers eager to enter the professional security world. Fresh ideas, new energy, and diverse topics make Young School exciting for the whole community. Doing serious security research and ready to share your ingenious technical solutions? Here you can make sure your efforts are appreciated by those in the know. Undergraduates, graduate students, and unaffiliated researchers are all encouraged to apply.