Contest at the PHDays venue

The DC7831 and DC20e6 hacker communities have created a special quest for PHDays, where an interactive virtual world awaits. The engaging storyline will offer a chance to look at security from different perspectives: white hats, gray hats, and black hats. The fate of the story world hinges on which side you take. Along the way, you will encounter tasks of varying types and degrees of difficulty, including forensics, web, pwn, and vulnerabilities in smart contracts.


The quest will be held online during PHDays. Winners will be announced at the end of the second day. A table with participants' progress will be updated in real time on the DC7831 website at During the quest, participants can ask questions via Telegram chat or in person. Hints will be available. Any person or team is welcome to take part.

Technical requirements:

Laptop is required. We recommend using Linux (Kali or any other flavor). You will also need to have a working copy of Tor (, not only in browser form, but with the ability to redirect application traffic (such as SSH) to it.


Winners will receive souvenirs from the organizers.


1st place: emptyjack
2nd place: onemanteam