Online contest

Show off your pentesting skills and gain experience in this jeopardy-style CTF contest. The Hackazon platform, created by Deloitte, allows simulating attacks on real infrastructure. Participants will be given tasks of varying degrees of difficulty—race to complete them all!


Tasks will be hosted on the Deloitte Hackazon platform and available online at the address https://www2.deloitte.com/ru/en/pages/risk/events/deloitte-hackazon.html. The contest will start on April 30 at 12 pm and last five days. Each task is worth a certain number of points, based on its difficulty. Task completion is tracked in real time. Those who complete the tasks most successfully and most quickly will win.

To keep things fair, participants may not attack the Hackazon infrastructure, bruteforce flags, or perform other unsporting actions affecting the platform or its components.

How to take part

Create an account. Please use a real email address, since the instructions for receiving your prize (if you win) will be sent to this address.


The first five participants able to complete all tasks will each receive a ticket to PHDays 8. In addition, three of them will receive souvenirs at PHDays.


1st place: Victor Alyushin
2nd place: Ilya Shaposhnikov
3rd place: Oleg Senko