H@rd Logic Combat
Contest at the PHDays venue

Tired of tin soldiers and toy trains? Pit yourself against the solutions used for low-level automation and safety systems for top-notch Russian industrial control systems for nuclear energy. Over the course of two days, participants will try their hardest against ALTLinux and QNX components, as well as algorithmic modules based on hard logic (you weren't expecting this to be easy, were you?).

When and where

Come to the Fizpribor stand at any time during the forum.

How to take part

You must register in advance by writing to hlc@fizpribor.ru. The organizer reserves the right to refuse participation for any or no reason.


Electric scooters, iPad, and other goodies.


1st place: Nikolay Korchagin, Denis Denisenko
2nd place: Pavel Kovalev, Alexander Korotin
3rd place: Anton Dorfman, Nikita Makimov