The Labyrinth
Contest at the PHDays venue

Rostelecom has created The Labyrinth, in which three-person teams are given 15 minutes and three tools of their choice to defeat a smart home. To win, a team needs to complete The Labyrinth without triggering the alarm and spirit away a PHDays-branded statuette.


Teams must declare to the organizers which tools of their own they intend to use. Teams may also choose tools from the organizers' list (for a total of three, such as a laptop and two screwdrivers). The organizers reserve the right prior to the start of the contest to forbid a team's use of a particular declared tool.

Participants must use only the tools they have declared. Use of any other items will result in disqualification of the team.

If no team is able to complete The Labyrinth, the winner will be the team that made the most progress in the least amount of time.

The organizers will not give any hints or other assistance.

Team size

Teams may consist of no more than three people.


The teams with the best times will receive prizes from Rostelecom.


1st place: Omngnome
2nd place: Cucumber
3rd place: PoIB