Leave ATM Alone
Contest at the PHDays venue

Ever wanted to hack an ATM to make it spew out cash? You have 15 minutes to attempt to bypass defenses and cash out.

How to take part

Any visitor can take part, just come up to the stand at any time during the forum. Each participant is given a 15-minute slot to try their best.

What to bring

We recommend bringing your own laptop.


Players get to keep the money they steal. Total potential winnings are RUB 40,000.

Details are available on https://phd2018.zendesk.com/.


1st place: 1) Zakiyan Khachatur, Vitaly Khoziev (RUB 3,000); 2) Stanislav Povolotskiy (RUB 20,000)
2nd place: Kalugin E., Borisov A. (RUB 3,000)
3rd place: Information & Public Security Center Uzbekistan
4th place: Maxim Vikhlyantsev