Contest at the PHDays venue

PHDays visitors can try to hack a smart grid at the MeterH3cker stand. Can you cheat an electric company by making your smart meter run backwards, make a quick buck from solar power, or charge your electric car for free? Let's find out!

How to take part

Any forum visitor can take part by coming to the stand. A qualifying round will be held on the first day of the forum. Those with the best results will be invited to take part in the final round on the second day.

What to bring

Bring all your own software and hardware. A wired network connection will be provided.


Mementos from the organizers.


1st place: Alexey Kuznetsov
2nd place: Satoru Takekoshi
3rd place: Nikita Stupin
4th place – special prize: Yury Grishin